About Us

We are a group of software engineers, application designers, experts in web and mobile technology, willing to work every day to create innovative web, desktop and mobile solutions that benefit your business processes and have a great impact in your company success.


From modern Web sites adapted to multiple screens and resolutions up customized mobile applications to manage and improve your business processes, it is time for your company to go to the next level in the age of information technology and communications. Our team of professionals are ready to help fulfill this purposes.

Our Work


  • “The user interface for the creation of properties is incredible easier to use than those we used at metrocuadrado, fincaraiz and other real state websites.”

    Hernando Campos
  • “I can't believe they did exactly what we wanted and with a low budget, I recommend this company.”

    Mauricio Palacino
  • “Our first beta code was a complete disaster. DGlabs help us organize and build a robust, scalable and easy to use product to support our users.”

    Danny Mazo
  • “Excellent service, the perfect design and a very talented people.”

    Carolina Soto

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